Collective Constellations Podcast

Tracing the Collective Constellations through the weaving of empowering, co-creative conversations.

Episode 1 | January 7th 2020

Kicking-off with this first episode, short and sweet! Thanks for tuning in and bringing your energy. The web keeps weaving and the stars keep aligning, when we come together we are so much stronger. Stay tuned for some inspiring and exciting people and conversations! ♥︎


Episode 2 | February 3rd 2020

This weeks Collective Constellation is featuring Erin O'Leary. Join in as we explore the magic of the Akashic Records. Erin even does a live reading of my very own records and energy; which is very intimate and exciting!


Erin O'Leary is the creator of Unique Wellness Codes, a wellness company that focuses on true personalized wellness based on each person's uniqueness. She weaves 20 years of experience in Medicine, Holistic Health, Genetics with the Akashic Records, basic Astrology and Human Design, as well as other metaphysical and spiritual principles to guide people to optimize Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Health. The goal is to guide each person to understand how to work with their energy and discover how to obtain health, happiness and flow in life by understanding their own unique code. In her spare time, Erin loves to practice (and teach) yoga, hike, go to hot springs, play board games and sports, cook healthy and colorful meals, and drink red wine and eat GF pizza.  She's a Projector with a fiery Aries spirit and nurturing and intuitive Pisces moon.

Episode 3 | March 30th

"Finding the Voice Within" with Kelly Roland


In today's constellation we embark on a journey into the terrain of the "voice within".
Intuition... internal guidance... spirit.
I often speak about "following the breadcrumbs" and within the container of this episode, I explore deeper into the nature of what that means, for me, and insights I have to share with you from my own journey of uncovering this inner GPS.
I believe we all have the capacity to be intuitive and live from a voice that bellows within. If this calls to you, come join me in the dance of this constellation ♡

Episode 4 | April 14th

Water Consciousness and the Sacred Merging with Jess Torres.


Come constellate in this yummy episode all about the merging of divine masculine and feminine taking place globally, water consciousness, being more empowered in our emotional needs, and so much more!

Jess is a Tantric Mystic teaching embodiment and intimacy. She is a guide to evoke your fullest expression of being by walking the middle path between the higher realms of divinity and the rawness of being a human. Her fiery nature sparks a flame of remembrance to all those who are in her presence. Her main teaching is Love through multidimensional being. She plays in the many different roles that life allows us to, with one of her main ones being sensual innocence

Follow along with her on instagram @insightfulbeing ♡

Episode 5 with Pilar Lesko

A constellation through evolutionary Human Design, Earth Wisdom, Essence, the 'Village Templates'... and more ♡


Join me on this Collective Constellation on a magical ride of a conversation with Pilar Lesko. We orbit and loop through evolutionary human design, the shifting consciousness of money, emergent community formats, the rise of sexual reclamation, knowing your essence, and deep earth wisdom.

I had so much fun in this episode, and I hope you enjoy it, too!

Meet Pilar
Pilar Marie Lesko is a woman of fierce and playful devotion. She is a New-Paradigm Business Guide, bridge-builder, and modern-day Medicine Woman. She has been immersed in the Mystical Arts, Occult Sciences, and her own remembering journey since she was 16-years-old. She wields a potent blend of ancient wisdom, quantum mysticism, and the energetics of multidimensional business to support people in co-creating wildly illogical businesses and realities. She is passionate about helping people practice business in a new way. She herself has created a radical + flourishing business that honors her feminine essence and her human design as a Projector.



Episode 6 with Trista Dedmon

Come constellate with Trista Dedmon and myself today as we explore all things plant medicines, conscious cannabis journeying, consciousness, astrology, nature and healing the 'myth of separation'. A rich and exciting adventure :)

Meet Trista
Trista is a mystic and astrologer that uses ancient wisdom to help people remember their True Self for a new paradigm. She believes that embodying your sovereignty and serving with your natural gifts leads to the collective evolution of consciousness.

Trista's Links:
Readings/Embodied Sovereignty

Episode 7 with Kat

Feminine Embodiment, Sensuality and Grief as a Pathway for Growth

Kat is a feminine embodiment mentor, devoted to guiding women to their feminine essence and magnetism.

She believes that every woman carries her own potent medicine that she can learn to access.

Whenever we feel disconnected from ourselves, and continously find ourselves seeking external fulfillment, we are being called to ground back into our wild, feminine roots. As we allow ourselves to embrace what naturally wants to move through us - the raw, messy, authentic emotion - our bodies become the vessel for our highest expression.

Throughs her own embodiment work, Kat is teaching women how to feel safe in emotion and release the belief that there is anything that needs to be fixed.

When we choose to live in tune with our feminine essence, our waves, our desire for pleasure, sensuality and deep emotional intimacy, we naturally align to our full thriving.



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