Collective Constellations Podcast

Tracing the Collective Constellations through the weaving of empowering, co-creative conversations.

Episode 1 | January 7th 2020

Kicking-off with this first episode, short and sweet! Thanks for tuning in and bringing your energy. The web keeps weaving and the stars keep aligning, when we come together we are so much stronger. Stay tuned for some inspiring and exciting people and conversations! ♥︎


Episode 2 | February 3rd 2020

This weeks Collective Constellation is featuring Erin O'Leary. Join in as we explore the magic of the Akashic Records. Erin even does a live reading of my very own records and energy; which is very intimate and exciting!


Erin O'Leary is the creator of Unique Wellness Codes, a wellness company that focuses on true personalized wellness based on each person's uniqueness. She weaves 20 years of experience in Medicine, Holistic Health, Genetics with the Akashic Records, basic Astrology and Human Design, as well as other metaphysical and spiritual principles to guide people to optimize Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Health. The goal is to guide each person to understand how to work with their energy and discover how to obtain health, happiness and flow in life by understanding their own unique code. In her spare time, Erin loves to practice (and teach) yoga, hike, go to hot springs, play board games and sports, cook healthy and colorful meals, and drink red wine and eat GF pizza.  She's a Projector with a fiery Aries spirit and nurturing and intuitive Pisces moon.


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