This is an in-depth human design reading that is perfect for those looking to really understand your personal design. These readings are concentrated, covering 3x as much as we would explore within in a 1:1 session.

 I cover incarnation cross, your variables, your unique digestive system and optimal health routines, profile, channel activations and more.

Do you ever feel confused about how to just BE yourself?

Struggling to find your ideal rhythm with diet, work, relationships?

Human Design gives a thorough and integrative window into how you can be your best self and enjoy your place in this world.


** This reading is a great place for beginners and well-versed Human Design students alike. When you purchase your reading, let me know your level so I can tailor accordingly. **

In The Moment That You Can 
Truly Embrace Uniqueness
You Are Divine
-Ra Uru Hu

Personal Recorded Chart Reading

What this reading covers

Order your very own personal chart reading to discover your unique blueprint. These  recorded readings go for 45 minutes, are highly personalised, and cover: ​

✧ Type

✧ Strategy & Authority

✧ Profile

✧ Digestive Type

✧ Preferred Environment

✧ Cognition/Sense

✧ Ideal Routines for your Body

✧ Ideal Routines for your Mind

✧ Your Inner Motivation

✧ Channels

✧ Incarnation Cross

+ Intuitive insights on your uniqueness

I can’t fully express how much clarity I received from this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cried and said “yes” to everything you said. Thank you for being so thorough and explaining each part of this reading."

-Erin. P

Personal Recorded Reading

In this 45 minute recorded reading I dive into 11 key aspects of your Human Design Chart.

This reading is thorough and potent. You can expect to receive insights into the intricacies and advanced aspects of your unique design, as well as examples and practices to support. I often intuitively pick up on insights as I am reading the client's chart and will speak to those as well.

Once your order is placed you will receive a conformation with further details for the reading (birth details request etc.)

Order Now $188

"Wow! I listened to your reading twice. Once for the joy of discovery, second to take notes ! I enjoyed your advice and I will put them into practice to experience the changes! I felt great energy and inspiration coming from your reading and voice and I'm truely grateful for that. Thanks ! As I feel this energy and this inspiration coming from your dancing videos. It reminds me of the possibility to move my body my own way and I can feel its desire to move. So thanks for that too! "


"Thank you so much for my amazing reading. I was in tears listening to it! It all resonates very deeply. I love your intuitive additions and I will listen many many more times. Thank you so very much."


"I had studied my Human Design chart before, but Kelly's method made it come alive in me! She was able to tap into some deep truths about myself that I had either denied or wasn't fully expressing. This has caused a great shift within me and allowed me to show up in the world with more confidence in my natural strengths. I feel a reading with Kelly is invaluable for anyone wanting more clarity on their inherent motivations, and how they can consciously translate these into practical life! "


"I was so excited to receive this reading- I've already listened to it a couple of times! The points and insights you made were on point and supported aspects of myself which I have known but never could find a description to, such as the information on the best environment for me, (mountains and perspective). I just want to say thank you and I will make sure to keep you in mind if I decide to delve deeper into my chart."


"Thank you so much for taking the time to do my reading. It really was spot-on and deeply resonated with me. The reading definitely put my own subjective understanding of myself into a broader context, and provided a lot of insight into the strategies I can use to harness these qualities and ways to think about adjusting aspects of my life to help transform it."


"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to do these readings for me. SO much of what you said deeply resonates. A lot of things that I've felt since childhood have been validated and I feel seen and appreciated. This was extremely helpful and encouraging. So many valuable insights that I know I will be coming back to whenever I need to hear them!"


"Oh, Kelly, I'm blissed out from your reading! I'm deeply grateful for these profound insights, YESSSSSSS I could't agree more. I feel so understood and validated. I am delighted I can finally honor my emotional authority (instead of feeling the need to apologize for or doubt my feelings), I'm finally learning to appreciate and respect my FEELINGS... being patient with myself as I'm learning about what makes me tick! I'm so happy to be able to accept who I am, and I am so relieved and happy to know from my reading I'm on the right track!! What an experience, I'm so happy I found you. Thank you Kelly!!"


"I really enjoyed listening to my reading from Kelly. Having attempted to understand my chart myself previously, getting the reading from Kelly took things to a whole new level. I love that she included so many actionable things I can do to really support myself and my growth. As a generator who has struggled to work with my "sacral response" her advice went beyond anything I'd found elsewhere online and is something I feel I can actively implement and work with in becoming more and more attuned to my own inner guidance. She shared observations about both my innate strengths and struggles, that were spot on and it's both relieving and validating to know that these are a result of my chart, and how best to honour/handle them moving forwards. Thank you so much Kelly, it was a real pleasure to have you read my chart."


"Thank you! This was amazing, I think I need to listen five more times!"


"Wow, Mmmm, Yes, Ahhhh; can you see my head shaking up and down?! Thank you. Thank you Kelly. This was the perfect timing for me to have a reading. It was so nice to listen to your voice, it made quite an impact! Yes, lots to soak in yet at same time not. I truly related so much... it’s as if my thoughts were being finished or shall I say "recognized"."


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