About Kelly 

Kelly is an Astrologer, Human Design guide & soulful leader.

She works from her heart & has a unique way of illuminating others truest selves.

Kelly thrives when holding an activated space for others to fully step into and ignite their soul blueprint in business, relationships, and as an overall connection to self.

Her sorceress tool-kit includes: Mayan Astrology, Human Design, Embodiment and Intuitive Guidance.

Kelly has a lust for life and growth, she has traveled around the world exploring foreign cultures, hosting transformational retreats and workshops. She has an unshakable passion for empowering others to live their best lives and remember the beauty of who they truly are.


I am your fucking Dark Angel cheerleader. The midwife on your journey of metamorphosis. I celebrate your unabashed self-expression. And I will demand you to go deeper, time and time again, when I feel you holding back on the potency of your god-given soul codes. I carry the torch, and together we can light your soul on fire with purpose and passion… if you are willing and ready to be exposed to the radiance of your own Self. I pull from my experiential and integrative Sorceress tool-kit of Shamanic Human Design, the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, Traditional Astrology, and Archetypical Embodiment These all exist however within the much larger realm of Intuition & Presence. You are not your chart, design, or sign… Yet these tools can be helpful for turning ON & UP the parts of you that long to be lived out and expressed in order for your Ascension to occur. Feel like you are on the edge of a breakthrough but keep getting lost in the darkness? Can you taste that future self but it continually slips through your fingers? Do you find yourself having a breakthrough, only to shortly after be caught in a block or downward spiral? Together, we will midwife this transformation. It wont always be easy, comfortable, or pretty… but it will be glorious. Just like you.


Mayan Dreamspell Astrology
I apprenticed within this system at the start of 2014 and it has been an integral part of my world ever since then. It is a language all on its own and jam-packed with soul-stirring wisdom. I have conducted several hundred readings, ran workshops globally, and led several rounds of Facilitator Trainings. I manage an online community of 5k + people where I share Astrological Forecasts.


Shamanic Human Design
Human Design first entered my world in 2014. I took to it like a bee to honey, immediately discovering the in's & out's of my own personal chart. Over the years, I developed my own unique flow with this system and began to weave it alongside my Mayan Astrology offerings. Over the past 2 years my depth of knowledge has expanded exponentially, and I look forward to ongoing exploration and sharing through this medium. I have conducted hundreds of personal chart readings and produce regular content on my Youtube channel.


Archetypical Embodiment
I was born dancing, moving, and shaking up the world around me. I know what it feels like to channel the forces of nature through my body... and you can too. I have trained extensively in various dance practices reaching from erotic embodiment to archetypical expression. I see movement as a vital piece of the puzzle for self-discovery and integration. The mind can only take us so far, and when we invite our body to join in on the conversation within our soul- that is where the magic happens.


Holistic Health and Healing
My passion for health began when I was 5 years old- raiding the fruit and vegetable bowls at each family gathering and making "herbal potions" in my garden. This passion grew and led me down the path of becoming a certified Herbal Detoxification and Regeneration Practitioner in 2016. I am also a certified Flower Essence Specialist. I have a passion for health and vitality, and adore weaving that into my Intuitive Guidance and Astrology Sessions.

My soul speaks in poetry. This is where my muse comes alive. This is the fuel for my creative, artistic, and entrepreneurial fire. Ive been creating books, poems, and stories as soon as I learned how to write. I have produced articles for companies and brands I believe in, and I look forward to writing books, running workshops, and continually expanding within this form of self expression and activation.



I left the U.S on a 1-way ticket when I was 18, chasing a dream. Since then, I have seen this dream take me on a wild adventure all around the world, each country has granted me deeper insight into my soul and had a catalytic impact on how I show up for myself and others.

New Zealand


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