About Kelly Roland

Kelly is an Astrologer, Human Design guide & soulful leader.

She works from her heart & has a unique way of illuminating others truest selves.

Kelly thrives when holding an activated space for others to fully step into and ignite their soul blueprint in business, relationships, and as an overall connection to self.

She does this using her intuitive skills, as well as the potent systems of Mayan Astrology, Human Design, and embodiment work.

Kelly has a lust for life and growth, she has traveled around the world exploring foreign cultures and hosting transformational retreats and workshops. She has an unshakable passion for empowering others to live their best lives and remember the beauty of who they truly are.


The stars have been aligning every moment of your life.

This path of activating one's blueprint has been following me since I was a child, or shall I say that I have been following it!

From the moment I could read, I longed for nothing more than to study and learn ancient cultures, the stars, foreign lands, and to travel far and wide. ​

I dreamt of being an archaeologist for decades. I envisioned myself going on expeditions into ancient ruins and learning the lost wisdom and cultural knowledge. ​

Astrology, intuitive arts, and soulful musings entered my life very early on. I was taken by them, fascinated, and endlessly curious. My inspiration and deep attentiveness expanded and I became witness to the powerful voice of my intuition. ​

In 2012, my world cracked open. Something radically transformed within me, and opened the gates for a new way of life, a way of life that was in full alignment with these inner qualities and gifts. ​

Many things ended.
Many things began. ​


Kelly's Profiles

Human Design

6/2 Pure Generator with the Left Angle Cross of the Clarion. The Clarion incarnation cross is all about intuitive insight, guidance, and supporting others to awake to themselves.

Mayan Dreamspell

Kin 68 Yellow Electric Star. Bonding deeply in order to activate your very own beauty. In service to bringing deep change in a feminine way, that allows one to embrace their power and ability to influence. ​


Dominant signs in Kelly's natal chart are:
Scorpio: Diving to the depths to uncover and reclaim the gift
Aquarius: Embracing your uniqueness, your electricity, and recharging your soul.
Capricorn: Stepping into your power and presence... into your purpose.



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