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Human Design is one of the most ancient astrological systems derived from the I-Ching. Guidance is offered through this system to assist one in discovering and activating their unique "software" & strategy for living.

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The Mayan Calendar has the ability to guide you deep into yourself and discover YOUR Unique Mayan Signature. Using intuition and the wisdom of the calendar, Kelly carves a space that is uniquely transformative.

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Your codes are woven into your soul. Codes that can awaken you to your greatest power. Codes that can ignite your heart and soul on fire. Codes that can propel you into your purpose. Activate your blueprint. ​

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"The Mayan Dreamspell Calendar is full of ancient secrets that carry powerful medicine for our modern world, and for our modern lives.

Our conscious minds may not fully remember, but our soul has not forgotten these ancient and sacred truths. 
You are a unique spark of genius. You were born with infinite power, potential, and purpose.
This Calendar, and the Mayan Astrology system is a tool that gives us direct and catalytic access to these soul codes within.
Come explore, immerse, initiate into your fullness and embody your uniqueness."

"Thank you so much for my session Kelly. In our time together I felt so much resonance for the information I received. It was spot on, and I feel even more assured that I am on my highest path at this time. Your warmth and passion came through during our call, and I have so enjoyed connecting with another Soul Sister. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Caroline Nixon
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