We are all just
walking each other home


"There is a greater will, a greater need and purpose hidden within each life, and there is an inner law that knows best how each must live and that is worth stealing for; it's worth dying for, and worth living for as well."

-Michael Meade


My Devotion

I am in service to the the radical spark of truth and divinity that lives and dwells within myself, and I believe each and every human being. Journeying through many intense and transformational depths myself, it is my passion to be in soulful service to other's ,homecoming' to their authentic essence. As a 6/2 generator in Human Design, with the Left Angle Cross of the Clarion and a Scorpio stellium in astrology, I thrive in the deepest parts of the human experience: integrating the pain and trauma into wisdom, journeying into the confusion or uncertainty to arrive at inner clarity and direction, merging the physical, emotional and spiritual to move from a place of wholeness, and truly cultivating one's inner compass to connect back to God and move with a fierce and gracious heart in the world.

"My mentorship container with Kelly was so fun, transformative and supportive. It felt like having a best friend, cheerleader, energy-worker, Human Design reader, business coach and more all in one!

I could feel from the first time I met her that she was someone who walks the talk and has both skills and the heart to hold space for transformation.
She supported me in moving through some of the biggest blocks I had around sharing my gifts, provided practical tools and intuitive guidance to lay a new foundation for my business that serves me first, and helped me feel so much more confident in the new expression emerging through me.
Our experience together was beyond words. So much happened energetically just being in the space with her. I really appreciate how intuitively led and grounded/practical this container was. It felt so safe and honoring and I am truly changed by this experience! "

Sophie T.

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