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Hello Star Tribe, extending a warm and abundant 'hello' to all of you from across many lands and seas!

Amidst these times, we are being gifted an incredible opportunity to surf the cosmic waves of evolution in such a way that we are learning what it truly is to walk the 'middle path'. A mentor of mine years back left me with this seed of wisdom, and it has since grown and sprouted through my life in varying twists and turns. It's carried me through unexpected loss, grieving, breaking of shackles and starting anew, humbling myself and breaking through(s)... over and over again. Here are her words, that have mutated into my own cells, and that I invite you to try on for yourself...

"To live as if you have all of the time in the world... AND... not a moment to waste."

This mantra is greeting me, once again, for what feels like another round of unearthing and deeper Be-coming. I know that I am not alone in this, we are all going through our own transmutative process as a collective. I want to share with you some of the resources and gems that have been incredibly catalytic in my own, ever-unfolding evolution.♡



To be honest with you, it does feel very odd to refer to these entities I am about to reveal as 'books'... because upon experiencing them, they took me to a whole new level of consciousness. I would rather refer to them as manifestos or teachers...

1) "The Education of Little Tree" by Forrest Carter


I discovered this book through one of my many 'mothers' along my travels, a woman I was living with and WOOF-ing (willing-workers-on-organic-farms) for in New Zealand in 2014. She is a homeopathic doctor, Steiner teacher, and wild woman of the land. She intuitively gave me this book, and I drank in every word. I didn't put it down til I finished. In between my sessions gardening, harvesting, building outdoor ovens and working with the land... you would find me sprawled on the grass with my nose in this book! It landed with me as an ancient reminder. It had an eerie familiarity, and a deeply nourishing sorrow.

Themes: Native American roots, nature, family, love, the wild.


2) "Lineage of the Codes of Light" by Jessie Ayani

I'm going to be totally honest with you, this one feels incredibly BIG to share because it was a major catalyst in the activation codes of my priestess/shamanic essence. I was receiving soul sessions from an amazing light worker in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. She tapped into hyper-lucid states of consciousness and would channel through messages from my unique guides then integrate them with reiki and body work. This book came into the field during one of our sessions, and I literally magnetised the book into my reality... the rest was history. Simply put, if you feel the call to this one... its for you.

Themes: priestess, goddess, ancestral line, healing, light worker, sacred activations.


3) "Pussy" by Regena Thomashauer

This little kitten of a manifesto entered my world in 2016. I had been taking an intentional "pause" within my partnership at the time to reconnect to my self, my deeper workings, my sexuality. It was definitely one of my 'dark nights of the soul' so to speak... and this teacher of a book was a massive shining light through the pain, shadows, and undoing. I drank her in, and it's now one of my 'bibles' that I read over and over, probably about 8 times now. Each time, it has new gems and transformative magic on my soul, psyche, and of course, pussy.

Themes: sacred feminine, empowerment, creativity, confidence, pussy pussy pussy!

4) "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason

In 2015, when I first began the journey of offering my own personal services, this book crossed my path. I had a lot of undoing to do around money, abundance, responsibility, wealth, finances. I didn't have too many mentors teaching me about finances during my childhood and adolescent years, and I think I unconsciously hungered for some understandings of money and structure.  As I journeyed with this book, I was able to integrate the teachings into my new livelihood ventures. I loved how the book is written, blending spirituality and money... nature and wealth... abundance and finance... because they are so intricately woven. 

Themes: money, masculine, structure, principle, respect, integrity, wealth, consciousness


5) "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield

Truly an adventure of a book! What I adore about this one is that it is 'truth in fiction'... is it real, or is it a story? Is life even real, or is life a story? Time loops and worm holes of spiritual teachings, wisdom, and excitement. This book hunted me down! It was first gifted to me by a friend on my travels in New Zealand, but I lost it before I finished it. Then, nearly a year later when I was living in Melbourne, I found another one sitting in a box of books on the side of the road that was being left out for garbage-collection! This book activated me in many ways, and I am so grateful for its magic.

Themes: travel, adventure, mystery, magic, energy, matrix, sacred teachings, secrets


6) "Don't Be Nice, Be Real" by Kelly Bryson

I met this man, Kelly, in May 2019 whilst touring around San Francisco. We met at a circling/authentic relating event, we were partners for an exercise,  and it was like timelines collapsing. We had a profound connection, one I will never forget. Upon getting to know more about him, I discovered he is a musician, author, global community builder and facilitator of 'Nonviolent Communication', by Marshall Rosenberg. He gifted me this book and it was SO powerful for me to take in... I am actually reading it again, now.

Themes: self expression, healthy confrontation, conflict resolution, re-patterning, community, relationships, boundaries, owning your needs

(There are many other books, yet I feel called to leave it at this for now! If you work personally with me, often I will get intuitive downloads about aligned materials for one's specific essence)



1) Raw Food Cleanse

Now I do know that this is not always an ideal for everyone, simply put, we all have unique bodies and digestive systems. It's up to you to discover what works/doesn't work for you! That being said though, each time I have gone on a raw food journey (sometimes for just a couple of weeks and at times for nearly a year), I have had amazing transformations on all levels. Raw fruits and vegetables vibrate at a very high level, consuming only these kinds of foods for a period of time gets things moving. It has the power to clear out physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and psychic toxicity. This has been a massive part of my healing and transformation journey. One of my lesser-known, secret skills is that I am actually a certified detoxification specialist, and this is organically woven into my client sessions when needed!.


2) Cold Ocean Swims

I think I got this one from my dad. He always loved to push life to the limits, and I am incredibly grateful for his too-short, yet incredibly bold presence in my life... inspiring me to explore my edges. I started polar plunging when I was in my mid-teens, mostly because I had way too much energy and was an adrenaline junky. I'd take any dare, like going for a dip at the beach in the middle of a January blizzard! I organised polar plunges for High School fundraisers, I loved it! Around 20, I discovered the health benefits of it, and then I was thoroughly hooked. Now, it is a powerful ritual for me. Yes, the health benefits are tough to match, yet, is has just as much if not more of an impact on my emotional and energetic health... creating new neuro-patterns. I often make it a ceremony, giving thanks to the ocean and incorporating a ritual of release and/or manifestation.



1) Vipassana Meditation Retreats

Vipassana, Vipassana! Oh my goodness. What to say about this immersion. Vipassana is like psychic-surgery, where the very depths of your mind get drilled into and forced to drain. A humbling experience, to say the least. What is it? It's a 10.5 day silent meditation retreat. No talking, eye contact, touching, writing, reading, exercising. Meditation for 10 hours per day. There is a technique that is taught over the course of the retreat, and it is all about bringing attention to the NOW... the sensations on your body... your energetic field.. presence. Its one hell of an initiation, and incredibly challenging. I have sat 3 full Vipassana's; New Zealand, Melbourne, Bali. And I have volunteered as a server at 1 in Sydney. Each journey shook me to my core and cracked me open to deeper levels of awareness. I even had my first experience of Kundalini activation at my last one in Bali. They are run world-wide.


2) Plant Medicines

There are many many ways to sit with/experience plant medicines, some ranging from very intense experiences.. and others more subtle. I am grateful to have gotten to receive the medicine of dozens of different plant allies, and each has had a profound impact on my growth, awareness, evolution. What is really at the core, in my eyes, of working with any plant medicine is INTENTION. Sure, you can go to an ayahuasca journey and 'do' all of the things... but how deep is your devotion and intention? The transformation happens in the merging. The plant kingdom is not biased, and I have had experiences far more transcendental by sitting with a rose than I have in a given ayahuasca journey. Magic is everywhere, in every living, breathing piece of nature. YOU breathe the power into the initiation with your level of presence.

That being said, the plant medicines that resonate with me the most (you may be different): Sananga (I adore this medicine!), Rapé, Cacao, Psilocybin.


3) Ritual

Ritual is an inextricable part of my life, it has become my way of living. The way I prepare my food, speaking to the ingredients, getting dressed, writing content, dancing. And it is something that I have been doing my whole life. I would always speak spells over my food, unknowingly make altars in nature, create manifestation 'potions' in the backyard of my childhood home. I'm a witch, its in my DNA, I was even born in Salem, MA, iconic home-turf of the witches. I am comfortable with this part of myself, and truthfully, I think we all have a bit of a witch/wizard in us... we either choose to tap into it or not, to each their own! To create a ritual, is to co-create with the elemental potency of nature herself. Start talking to plants and trees, and listen to them. Close your eyes and hold your hands over your meal before you take your first bite, feel the energy of it... how does your body respond? Make mandalas with elements of nature and say a blessing. There are infinite ways to perform ritual. This is something that I offer in my 1:1 sessions, creating your own rituals for health, spirituality, sexuality, etc.

So there we have it ♡

These are a handful of treasured gems along my journey, sources of support, strength, challenge, and catalytic growth that have forged me through soulful merging into the person I am today, and continually becoming. I would love to hear your reflections and how this newsletter landed with you, as well as your tools! Feel free to hit that 'reply' button and say hello!

And for those of you who are interested to journey deeper into the nature of work I offer, you can check out my offerings here:

I am very excited about my latest launch, "Sensual Codex", a ritual space of unearthing your unique sensual codes through somatics & your personal astrology to experience richer levels of empowerment in your passion and pleasure.

With love and warmth,

Kelly x


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