Sacral Response || Human Design for Generators ★☾

Sacral Response|| Human Design for Generators ★☾

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In this video I share about discerning an AUTHENTIC sacral response (Uh-huh & Uh-uh) from a CONDITIONED sacral response.

Our sacral center is a beautiful and powerful center with so much wisdom to share. As generators, we can truly rely on this part of our system.

However, that doesn't mean that we are 100% immune to conditioning.

The biggest influences that can condition our sacral center:
*Parenting *Societal messaging *Schooling *"Good girl/boy, Bad girl/boy experiences *Fear *"Too much-ness" *People pleasing

Join me on this video where I share 3 tips for discovering your true response!

★ $133 Personalised Human Design Chart Reading + Intuitive insight on your unique energy **

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The reading covers:
Type, Strategy & Authority
Incarnation Cross!

With examples and specific intuitive-insight around your unique energy

★ Recent Review:

"I can’t fully express how much clarity I received from this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cried and said “yes” to everything you said. Thank you for being so thorough and explaining each part of this reading. " Erin P.

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