Mayan Dreamspell Foundations & Introduction ★☾

My intention with this post is to make sense of the practical aspects of the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar in an easy-to-assimilate way!
It is a cornerstone of my daily life, and has empowered me to reclaim my power in many ways... I'd like to guide you through the basics so that you can have that opportunity to!
The Dreamspell is a 13-moon calendar, mirror-ing nature.
This is the system that the Mayan people and many other indigenous cultures used to track time.
Much like nature, our bodies flow with these rhythms of life. 

13 months, 28-days within each month.
Simple as that.
Not too much to wrap the mind around as it truly is the natural flow of life.
-13 menstrual cycles of 28 days each year
-13 weeks in each season
-13 orbits of the moon around the sun in a solar year
The Mayan people, whom this calendar comes directly from, were absolutely in sync with the rhythm of the stars, moon, and earth. They were a highly evolved civilisation, advanced in health, money systems,  technology, architecture, harmony, and most things really! 

Their connection to nature and the harmonic flow of time was a foundation for their success.
In our world nowadays, and since the 1500's , we have structured our lives off of a very different way of viewing time.
In 1582, King Pope Gregory XIII authored the Gregorian Calendar. This template of time holds 12 months, with an arbitrary amount of days in each month.
Do you remember when you were a little child in school being taught time, and the calendar?
Did it make absolutely NO sense to you whatsoever? Why are there 28 days, 30 days, and 31 days? Why couldn't it all be the same?
Well, the fact of the matter is that the Gregorian calendar was created to be an account book for debts, taxes, jobs etc... and it had to be tailored to fit these needs. This left us with a system of time that is absolutely out of flow with nature. A system like this also ripples out into impacting our lives, thoughts, minds and situations... making them "out-of-flow".
The biggest distinction here is that time is of the MIND, so what we think, we become. We cannot taste, touch, see, smell, or feel time, but we live as if we can!
With time being such a huge part of our lives, it makes an INCREDIBLE difference to us if we are following natural time or artificial time. We become what we think. 
Look around at the collective society right now. We are arguably more disconnected from nature than EVER before.
 The Mayan 13-Moon Calendar actually makes sense and is traceable in the the natural movement within our bodies and planetary orbits. The Gregorian Calendar is man-made and altered on quite artificial terms to fit a system of debts and taxes. 
This is not about shaming one, and deeming the other golden. It is simply about bringing awareness to the way we view TIME, do we see it as a burden, a fearful thing we either have too much of or too little of... or do we see it as a golden opportunity to become more of ourselves everyday, living aligned and healthy, remembering our purpose, and creating magical lives.
How does this affect YOU

Do you know that you have a unique Mayan signature (sign) based on  the day and year you were born?
If you didn't know about this... how exciting! Go check out, and find out what your's is.
There are 260 possible signatures... 260!
Each signature is made up of 2 key parts:
- Tribe = there are 20 Tribes, of which you are 1.
- Tone = there are 13 Tones, of which you are 1.

( 20 tribes x 13 tones = 260 possible combinations)

Depending on your day of birth, you signature is a unique combination of 1 Tribe and  1 Tone.

Got that? Read a few times more if you need, let this soak in! You are highly unique.
QUESTION: ​"Well, how do those Tribes and Tones spread out over the days of the year?"...
This here is called the Tzolkin, meaning "Division of Days'. It may look confusing, but I can guarantee you it is fascinating once you dive in.

This Tzolkin reveals the 20 Tribes and how they move chronologically, as well as the 13 tones.

What is a wavespell?
In Mayan Dreamspel astrology, we are continually moving in 13-day cycles.
What is the significance of a Wavespell?
These 13-day journeys provide us with insight into what this time holds for us in terms of growth, intention, lessons, and the greater mission!

Super helpful to know! I have a page called Galactic Mayan Weather Report on Facebook, with a community of 5,000 people, where I share insightful videos on the current astrological influences. That may be a good place for you to start if you are curious to learn more!
This is the foundational introduction into how the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar flows.
It's quite simple but can take reading through a few times to understand. Weaving this calendar in small ways into your life has the ability to radically shift your perspective on time, and the amount of freedom you feel as a co-creator of your life rather than a spectator. 

I have guided hundreds of people in personal readings of their unique chart, revealing their tribe, tone, inner essence and gifts. I have seen first-hand how transformative and liberating it is to link back into your truth, your birth-given gifts, and your freedom.
I have also seen that having a basic understanding of the foundations and concepts of this system can be extremely helpful for integrating the wisdom into daily life. When we have the foundation and the grounding, we can truly delve into the depths and uncover your unique magical gifts in a way that is right for you.
Because in the end, its all about how you can practically and usefully access your gifts to implement them in all facets of your life!
Please don't go burning your Gregorian Calendar! I simply invite you to look for a bridge that is empowering you, not draining you, and this may be the bridge for you!
 If you have resonated with this syncing up into natural time to uncover your natural intuition, health, and gifts...
Book in a Reading with me where we dive into your:
Unique Gifts and Essence
Natural Challenges your face and how to move through them
Relationship to Time and how to get your life back
Clarity and Direction in your career, health, relationships
Connection to your Passions and Joy

If you are called to journey along in my immersive Mayan Dreamspell Facilitator Training:
- Follow this link to read more,
- Send me a personal email and we will have a chat to see if it is a fit!
Blessings on your journeys til we meet again,

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