🔅• My Love Letter out to the Universe •

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

Like the Ocean waves⁣
I long to Embrace you⁣
in all of the ways...⁣
Sometimes, like the harsh claps⁣
against your back⁣
that take you by surprise⁣
when your neither⁣
too deep⁣
nor too shallow,⁣
to escape the collision...⁣
those monkey-in-the-middle⁣
And then, I wish ⁣
to also be⁣
just like those soft,⁣
undulating waves⁣
that cover you smoothly⁣
and slick your hair back⁣
in just⁣
the right way⁣
gifting you that feeling of an easiness and Grace.⁣
All of it⁣
served up with⁣
a smile, a laugh, an open Heart...⁣
shimmering on the ⁣
surface of our ⁣
sparkling Sea...⁣
illuminated by your Light⁣
like the Sun.⁣
I am ready to receive 🙏🏼❤️🌹


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