A Group Journey into the Temple of Honey


You already are HER. That powerful, beautiful, graceful, free and wild spirit. It's about opening the doors to your own center, tapping into your essence and letting it ooze through. It's all already written in your stars, aligning from the very moment you were born. You have your own unique template of genius.

In this group journey, you are embarking on an experience of uncovering your deepest embodied expression through the lens of your personal astrology, human design, and mayan astrology.

Become empowered with the tools, rituals, and support to bring to life your archetypal codes.

:: 6 Weeks  ::

:: Group & 1:1 Exploration ::

Unearth your Soul Nektar

I'm In!

Unearth your Magnetism

Shakti (free-flowing feminine power) longs to live and breath through your life... in all of the ways.

Body, health, creativity, sexuality, work and career, relationships, health, finances, self love and worth.

We know this as young girls, yet often this honey of our soul becomes dried up, denied, and dejected.

In this 8 week immersion into the Temple of Honey we dive into the riches of your radiance. An intimate and transformative container for your Shakti to rise and reclaim her rightful place in your life. 

To be magnetic, is to be in the embodiment of your innate expression. Unlock your essential template, and unlock your core radiance.

Why honey?
Honey is an anciently revered sacred elixir.

Alchemised through the bee's, whom carry potent shamanic medicine for this planet.

Honey is fused with sacral power.

Rich, deep, multi-faceted, alluring sultry, full,  thick, a preserver,  slow pouring...

just like the wild Shakti

that lives

within You.


Western Astrology
Human Design
Mayan Astrology
Gene Keys


Sex Magick



This is for Me

6x 2 Hour
as a "Hive"

We will meet via Zoom  Video chat weekly, except for week 4, where I will be meeting with each of you privately for a 1:1 session and sharing self-paced videos and modules. The "Hive" content of these group calls will be left to the mystery, for now. However we will flow with the template of transmission, group coaching, ritual, and sharing.

Off-call videos, modules and homeplay for deeper exploration

Having homeplay and practices to engage in when we are not in session space give you the chance ot embrace your own pace and sovereignty. I will be sharing highly specific videos and content around astrology(s), cycle wisdom, sexual healing, archetypes, confidence building, emotional integration, and whatever feels most aligned for your empowerment at the time.

Private Facebook
Group & Check-Ins

You'll be a part of our private Facebook 'garden' / group where I will be sharing daily opportunities to engage and practice what we have been journeying with during the 1:1 and Hive calls. Building connection, bonding, and supporting each others growth.

the Temple opens...









About your Guide

I'm Kelly Roland. I birthed Temple of Honey as a cross-breeding of the 2 pillars of my reality: Dance / Embodiment & the Occult.

I began dancing when I was 4, and never stopped. From lyrical, ballet, tap, jazz, and everything in between. Following practical dance methodology came years of somatic study, metaphysical anatomy, chakras and energy medicine, holistic heatlh certification, embodiment courses, and archetypal movement and channeling. 

I've been studying the occult from my early teens on, born in Salem, MA where the history of the witches began. I have dedicated the past 7 years to studying, living by, teaching and guiding others within various astrological modalities, specifically Human Design, Mayan Astrology, and Western Astrology.

It is my passion to support women in embodying the uniqueness of their own radiance and magnetism. To give permission and empower you with the integrative wisdom of your multi-dimensional nature to OWN the role you came here to play. 

Merging the wisdom of your body and the genius of your templates is where the magic unfolds ✨

:: A little cheeky glimpse into my archetypal template? So you get a feel for who your going to be journeying with... I have a 10th house stellium in Scorpio- here to create powerful structures for others to undergo soulful  transformation into their essential self. ::

Kelly's Insta Hive

Is this for you?

Spaces will be limited to preserve the intimacy, transformative magic, and depth of this rich container. If this is for you, if you have been calling in an experience to tap into your UNIQUE feminine radiance, magnetism, self-love and power on a whole new level... 

:: UPDATE :: 8 spaces remain 🐝

Claim your Spot ♡