"It was an absolute pleasure connecting with you today. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me. To say that I was blown away by everything you revealed is an understatement! I was definitely resonating with it all."

-Joergette Mae Medel 

"Thank you so much for the reading! Not going to lie, it made me quite emotional for some reason, I teared up more than once. The tears started when I read your message about the right angle cross; I've always loved feeding people but over the past year I've felt these pings telling me I should do more with food and as a result, I'm going to start getting involved with urban agriculture projects in my community! I work in advertising, but I feel as though my purpose is to help the environment by making organic, urban agriculture mainstream. Thanks again :) "

-Chandra S.

"It was wonderful to meet you. And I'm impressed at your reading. It's more than a calendar obviously- it's a tool for you to tap into your intuition and I feel quite seen in the short meeting we had. So good on you and thank you for your offer."

- Etai Cohen

"Thank you, Kelly for the beautiful reading! 

Especially for the extra insight into the intuition and spiritual side - I've been experimenting much and trying to better communicate with my spirit guides over the last few weeks, and it has been wild (and a bit scary, to be honest!) and interesting, so you provided some interesting backup and clarity to that. Again, I really appreciate it."

- Kelly M.

"Thank you so much for my session Kelly. In our time together I felt so much resonance for the information I received. It was spot on, and I feel even more assured that I am on my highest path at this time. Your warmth and passion came through during our call, and I have so enjoyed connecting with another Soul Sister. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

-Caroline Nixon,
Your Health and Wellness 

"Wow Kelly!  Thank you!  This has given me so much clarity and understanding especially being a 6/2.  I have felt like I have been floundering for years and years, making mistakes, getting involved in things that were not always in my best interest and beating myself up for it, wondering why everyone else was so much "further ahead".  It's only been in the few months that I've slowed down, have gone inward, forgiven myself for being so harsh, and have fallen in love with the person I am today. Again, thank you so much.  This was wonderful!"

-Rachel S.

"I am so happy I connected with Kelly! Even though I didn't know anything about the Mayan DreamSpell going into the call, I was excited to learn and it lined up so beautifully with other things I've been studying. Kelly is so open and friendly and made me feel like we were sitting in the same room, even while half way around the world! I'm excited to learn more about this powerful system and will definitely use Kelly as a resource and guide!"

- Sonya Highfield,

Founder of Real World Creatives 

"Thank  you so much for taking the time to do my reading. It really was spot-on and deeply resonated with me. The reading definitely put my own subjective understanding of myself into a broader context, and provided a lot of insight into the strategies I can use to harness these qualities and ways to think about adjusting aspects of my life to help transform it"

-Sam L.

"I have much Gratitude for Kelly's Connection to, and Wisdom of the Mayan Calendar! I experienced an Enlightening and Energising reading from a Woman obviously very Passionate and Intuitive about her Craft!! I highly recommend anyone to take a step into another Realm!! Thank you again Kelly!! "

- Sharnn Watts

"Thanks for sharing this! It's really incredible. I can feel the energy of all these shifts intensely! And maybe that's why I have been completely paralyzed during the last 20 days... I couldn't make any choice or take an action for something. It's hard to explain because I've never been in a situation like that before. Love, peace and blessings."

-Mari Bastiani

"Kelly, my morning with your recording started incredibly inspiring. I felt like I knew these things inside me but I was afraid to admit it to myself."

-Guoda J.

"Thank you so much Kelly. I truly appreciate your time and insights - very valuable. And yes, all of what you said rings true... I will listen to your recording again and again - let it sink in so I can feel more relaxed just being me! "

- Donna K.

"I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my chart and provide me with more in-depth knowledge of myself.  I am always constantly seeking to better understand myself because I believe it will help me to understand other people even more"

-Jess G.

"Absolutely beautiful! Your readings are magical and so are you. It’s the best gift ever and I will certainly have you in mind for future gifts. "

-Lisa M.

"Wow. What an incredible reading! Thank you so much for the time, personalization, and in-depth sharing on it. 
I really don't know anything about this system (Human Design) and it's amazing how your interpretation of my chart was so on point with not only things that I feel and know, but also with other readings I've received from different oracles and divination systems.
Beyond the knowledge of the system, you have a wonderful gift of sharing in a manner that is easy to understand without watering down the message"

-Eron Z.

"You’ve literally laid down a lot information that I needed to hear.

This reading is very important to me and really encourages me to continue to seek out who I am, learn new things and put myself first without feeling guilty because it’s through that which will inspire others to seek themselves.

 I don’t know if I can ever really thank you enough for this! You truly have a gift and I’m ever so grateful to have been given the opportunity to receive a reading from you. "

-Kadi F.

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