We are all just

walking each other home

"I will not suppress my movements, this electricity that pulses through my veins
I am not on-board with a life lived in vain

If you want the same,
take my hand
Together we will find the way

A divine rebellion
of movers and shakers
Unafraid of how much we can feel
Because we know
That this is the new nuclear power
As we march into the 11th hour

It is us...
the feelers
the artists
the crazy ones
the magicians
the powerhouses
the visionaries
the eccentrics
the prophets
the dancers
the painters

We are crusading the path,
for the new earth birthing
Born from the ashes,
as we let go of everything we were told we were
to rise into all that life
is begging for us to remember
we are."
- Kelly Roland


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